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Unpopular opinion about Sherlock’s Best Man Speech.


Well, I want to rant. That’s it. If you don’t agree with me, which is a really probable possibility, please don’t try to convince me otherwise because this subjects affects me and seriously I can’t discuss it. 

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Well, certainly you are entitled to your opinion, and I am not trying to “convince” you of anything, but surely you didn’t post this in public and expect that no one should respond to it/disagree with you because you “can’t discuss it”?

Sherlock is an intelligent man. He is also highly self-aware, and aware of how others view him. Everyone thinks he is an ungrateful jackass who takes others for granted and never says “thank you.” He knows this.

Consider how his speech was laid out: he starts by insulting everyone and everything in the room. And notice how everyone seemed to have anticipated it? They were all disappointed, sure, but they were all clearly expecting him to do exactly that (even Molly, “what if John asks Sherlock to be his best man?” She compared it to the accident that killed the person she was working on.)

His next statements come across as self-deprecating, but what he is really saying is, “no, I am not as blind to those around me as you all think I am.” He knew perfectly well that everyone was expecting him to blow it, and that everyone (maybe even John) thinks he doesn’t appreciate anything. That speech was just as much about proving everyone wrong as it was anything else.

And really, proving everyone wrong is one of Sherlock’s specialities.

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By Heather Franzen. This made me so much happier than it should have.

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When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back. Look forward to your next objective.

– George C. Marshall

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.

– Roger Bannister

Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward: they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists, and it becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know exactly what you want, and are fully determined not to quit until you get it.

– Alexander Graham Bell

There is no planet, sun, or star could hold you, if you but knew what you are.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

And the day will come when the risk to remain tight inside the bud is greater than the risk it takes to bloom.

– Anais Nin

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